Water Leak Risks

Critical technical environments such as data centres, banking server rooms, air traffic control centres, and production facilities strive for "24/7" defect-free operation. A non-detected water leak can be enormously costly to the exploitation and have far-reaching financial and personal implications.

Omnileak In Response With Digital Water & Acids Leak Detection Systems

We've been providing the latest, most creative technologies and the highest quality solutions to protect property from Water and Acid leaks

A number of addressable sensing wires and a digital unit make up the digital leak detection systems (OL-ECAT & OL-ASAT). The sensing cables (OL-CLS, OL-ALS) are frequently put under the raised floors or protected zones to safeguard important sections and connect with the Alarm Terminal via a proprietary long-range failsafe bus. In the event of a leak on one of the sense cables, the digital alarm terminal quickly sounds an audible alert and displays the exact position of the leak (to within 1 metre) on an interactive map, allowing prompt action to minimize downtime.

Ominleak not only provides water leak detection and location systems, but also solutions for detecting acid leaks, and we are glad to state that our systems are protecting multiple clean rooms, semi-conductor and wafer manufacturing sites throughout America, Asia and Europe!

Here you’ll find all of our leak detecting products for water and acids.